Content Marketing Strategy for Startups and Tech Companies

This is Amy Tom

Amy Tom provides Content Marketing Strategies for Startups and Tech Companies in North America.

This Is Amy Tom

Amy Tom is a Content Marketing Strategist based in Vancouver, BC. With over 5 years of digital marketing experience, she helps small businesses with optimizing their marketing and sales efforts. Amy combines strategy and experience to create successful marketing campaigns, compelling copy, appealing designs, and energizing podcasts.

This Is Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Amy works with small businesses to create a customized strategy for marketing and design. Creating a strategic marketing plan can help streamline your budget, increase sales, uncover valuable insights, and more.


Need to revamp your website or gain more web traction? Amy works with her clients to create website copy that is optimized for search engines to help improve rankings.


Writing services can range from social media captions to long-form articles. Amy has experience writing optimized content for IT management and security, general technology, travel, lifestyle, and service-based businesses.


Get to the top of the Google search rankings faster with search engine marketing ads. Amy creates targeted ads to entice people to visit your website and make a purchase.


Podcasting is one of the best ways to reach your audience and to establish your brand as an industry expert. Amy works with companies to create, produce, and host quality podcasts in tech, lifestyle, and art.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram ads can help your business drive traffic and make sales. Amy helps establish social media goals and launch successful integrated campaigns.

Content Creation

Amy offers photography, videography, and design services to create content that represents your business. This can include promotional videos, posters, social media content, email marketing content, business cards, and more.

This is Graphic Design for Businesses & Individuals

Amy Tom provides Graphic Design for small businesses, tech companies, and individuals. Her work ranges from strategic, cross-platform designs to pet portraits.

Campaigns That Cross Channels

This was a campaign with the Women In Tech World to promote their WinTech event series. The design was transposed to fit in multiple forms of social media posts and in presentations that were used during the event series.

Logos That Tell a Story

The logo is an essential part of the story that a business tells. Your branding includes your logo, website design, social media banners, and all media. Let your design aid you in telling your brand’s story.


This Is What People Say About Amy

Amy helped me start up my business by choosing a colour scheme and doing the branding and logo. As a first time business owner, she took a lot of weight off my shoulders by doing all my graphic design and she catered everything towards my audience. It was a pleasure to work with her and I will do so again in the future.
Amy created branded content that was used to promote 22 events and seen by 750+ attendees. The [Women In Tech] leadership committee and I are grateful to have her on the team - her creative work helped us successfully market events throughout North America.
Melissa Ariganello, Social Media Manager at Savills
Amy is, in my opinion, all of the things a good marketer should be: she’s driven, she’s a hard worker, she’s creative, and she has skills. What impresses me most about Amy is that I’ve never seen her ego flare up. With all respect to marketers in their early 20s, my previous self included, we are really bad for ego. I’ve never seen it. Amy knows her skills and knows her goals - meaning she’ll keep growing along the way without the hindrance of having to pretend she knows everything.
Amy is great to work with. She does her work quickly when we assign her jobs and the quality of her work is far beyond the price she charges. Amy is helping us redesign our website and we are very happy with how it is going so far. I am happy to recommend Amy for marketing and website services.